Come Out for Trans Equality

With Pride Sheffield coming up this weekend, Sheffield Steel Roller Derby would like to take this opportunity to affirm the right of trans and non-binary people to define their own identities and live free from discrimination and violence. After all, if it weren’t for gender non-conforming figures such as Marsha P. Johnson, we wouldn’t even have a Pride to be proud at!

We welcome the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, which is vital in helping to make the process of legally changing one’s gender more accessible, and improving the quality of trans people’s lives. If you’ve ever wondered, “how can I be an ally for trans and non-binary people?”, now is your chance! We would like to encourage people to take an active role in helping the GRA legislation pass by completing the consultation document via the Open Consultation. For tips about completing the consultation – it’s a long ‘un! – check out Stonewall’s excellent guidance here: Come Out for Trans Equality.

You can make a difference in every day life as well – stand up and speak out against transphobia, even (especially!) amongst friends. And for tips about how to support your trans team mates, check out our recommendations for Looking after your trans teammates.

Stay safe, and happy Pride!

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