Bring Your A Game

Take some tips from some of Sheffield’s finest skaters: check out our A Team’s favourite ways to prepare for game day.

Photos by Roller Derby on Film.

Madge Juicer

A photo of the skater Madge Juicer

In terms of mindset, I don’t really do anything differently than any other day. I don’t really think about the game until shortly before the whistle for my jam goes. That’s kind of my approach to life. I plan everything else but by the time of the event all the important stuff is done and delivery is different when you’ve done all the work ahead of time.

That said, food on the day is important to me. I eat low-GI foods like oats, bananas, and I love dates and un-sulphured apricots. I’m also a fan of coconut water. I usually make a juice or have some homemade Kombocha (pineapple & mango, ginger, turmeric & lime, and hibiscus & pineapple are the ones I’ve been playing with lately). I also take some soaked almonds with me, as well as a packed lunch. Fuel and hydration is so important and I love eating.

Atha’s Sin

A photo of the skater Atha's Sin

Hydrate, eat and rest well. It helps my peace of mind if I plan my game day ahead of time. I like to know what time we are leaving, when we’re arriving, what time off-skates and on-skates warm up is, etc. I also do quite a lot of going through the scenarios we’ve been working on at training.

The night before a game, I like to imagine how well the game is going to go. I remember how awesome my team mates are, that I trust them and they trust me, and that it’s going to be so much fun. And mostly importantly I remember why I am here: because I love it!

Victor E Dance

A photo of the skater Victor E Dance

Ever since someone taught me about overnight oats I’ve been in love with those for breakfast when I know I need some fuel. Also I like to wear comfy shorts for travelling to the game to stay relaxed and then once I get there and put my leggings on it’s business time.


A photo of the skater Pippa-Armi

I always have clean pads for a game and tidy out my bag, make sure I’ve got tape, tools, and get rid of all the rubbish and stank. I get all this done on an evening and then tinker with my skates, make sure nuts are tight, etc. I have a bath, do a post-bath stretch to some music and head to bed.

On the day I have an awesome breakfast, like homemade baked beans on eggy crumpets with lots of tea and water. When I’m at the venue I tend to try and zone out to some music, keep mobile and keep smiling, because despite being nervous I want it to be fun. I have a tendency to lose my shit on track and get lots of penalties if I get mega excited before the game, so staying calm and keeping mobile is key.

Right before the game, I tense everything from my toes to my scalp and hold and release with some good deep breaths, meaning my muscles are engaged and when I go and line up for the first time I do the same.

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