Meet Sheffield Steel Roller Derby

We are Sheffield’s first and largest flat track roller derby league established in 2008. Our league is open to all women (including transgender and intersex) as well as non-binary and gender expansive skaters. We welcome officials and volunteers from all genders.

At Sheffield Steel Roller Derby (SSRD) we are building a friendly, fun and fierce roller derby league. Sound good? We can’t wait to meet you

Two SSRD skaters - JUst Dan and Gemma, form a flat two wall as an opposing tries to break through the middle. The brace, Ron, is holding the two SSRD skaters together
Credit: Roller Derby on Film

Upcoming Events

Want to come see us in action or want to join us for our next recruitment? Have a look and see what’s on!

Our skater Cherry, is kneeling on the floor smiling and laughing - likely after being hit down by the opposing team
Credit: Roller Derby on Film


Like the sound of what we do? We have a wide package of sponsor offers to suit a range of budgets, we’d love to hear from you