15th June 2018


We are Sheffield’s first and highest ranked women’s flat track roller derby league, forged by Jane Doe-a-Go-Go in 2008. Since then we’ve gone from a tiny local team to a league competing at national level. In June 2013 we were accepted as full members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), following completion of the Apprentice Program. We are also members of the United Kingdom Roller Derby Association (UKRDA), and are proud to promote the growth of the sport locally, nationally and internationally. Our new skater training programme is open to all self-identifying women over the age of 18, and we have opportunities for everyone to get involved. We also have a junior league for everyone aged 8-17.

The Game

Roller derby is a fast-paced, full contact team sport played on roller skates. Over two 30-minute periods, two teams of five players compete in a series of two minute jams, in which the jammer from each team attempts to score points while the blockers assist their jammer and try to thwart the opposition. The jammer scores points by skating through the pack and gaining one point for each opposing team member she passes per lap. Want to see some derby in all it’s sweaty, bashy glory? Come along and see us play!

Want to play roller derby?