15th June 2018

Guest skaters

Whether you’ve passed your WFTDA minimum skills or are still working on those plow stops, give us a shout at ssrdtrainingteam@gmail.com and we can get you rolling. Please email us with some information to help us arrange your visit, including:

  • your current league
  • the date(s) of your visit
  • your level of experience

The cost of each session is £6.

​See you on track!

Guest Coaches

We love having guest coaches come to share their derby expertise; in recent years we’ve hosted derby legends such as Sandrine Rangeon, Flamin’ Galah, Lexi Lightspeed, Lorrae Evans and Loren Mutch. If you’re interested in coming to guest coach Sheffield Steel Roller Derby, please get in touch with our training team at ssrdtrainingteam@gmail.com.