Roller Derby: What Will I Learn?

Before you can start playing roller derby proper, there’s a whole bunch of skills that you’ll learn to make you a strong, stable, kickass skater – known as minimum skills (or ‘min skills’). The very first things you’ll learn and skating stance and stride, stopping, and falling safely. Over the course of our new skater programme, you’ll Read more about Roller Derby: What Will I Learn?[…]

Starting Your Roller Derby Adventure

You’ve seen Whip It, or Derby Crazy Love, or In The Turn. You’ve been to some events and cheered on your local team. You kind of know what’s going on in the game. Now it’s YOUR turn to strap those skates on and be your own hero. ​ First things first: find your league. Maybe you’ve already set your heart on a team, Read more about Starting Your Roller Derby Adventure[…]

These Girls Can

According to surveys by Sport England, millions of women and girls in the UK think negatively about sport. Sport is aggressively competitive. Sport is unfeminine and difficult and serious. Sport is only for people who are naturally good at it. Sport is dominated by men, and women are unwelcome. Sport doesn’t accept trans or non-binary people. Sport makes women’s bodies ugly. These answers make us very sad at Read more about These Girls Can[…]